Terms and Conditions

General Rules

1. Terms and Conditions specify rules of making orders and selling products by an internet shop Refabric

2. Making an order means you accept the shop’s Terms and Conditions.

The sales process is complete at the moment of collecting the product by the customer. 

The product

1. In case of discrepancy between the product and its description, the customer must immediately contact the seller; Refabric.

2. All prices shown online include the VAT.

3. The price displayed next to each product is final when making an order. The shop has the right to:
 -change prices of products it offers, -add new products, 
- remove products from the online shop,
 -organize sales and cancel them 
-make  any changes to the online shop. 

4. All pictures of the products from Refabric shop are protected by copyright. It is  forbidden to copy and use them for commercial purposes or presentations on different websites without permission. 

Customers registration

1.Making an order is possible through registering and filling in a form which can  be found on the shop’s website. 

2. Personal details of our customers are collected by the shop for its needs, they    can be used for promotional campaigns and for advertising purposes. All personal  data is protected by the act of 29th August 1997 about personal details  protection. 

Making an order

1.Orders are accepted only via our website www.refabric.pl 7 days a week, 24  hours a day. Orders are processed after receiving payment to the company’s  account. If the payment is not made the order will not be processed.

2. Processing the orders is carried out within 7 days from receiving the payment  to the account.

3. Refabrichas the right to refuse to process the order in case of false  information regarding prices, product availability or when there are doubts about  the authenticity of customer details when registering or ordering the products.

4. In cases of any difficulties when processing an order the shop has the right to  stop the order, it will immediately inform the customer about the situation.

5. When making an order the customer agrees that their personal details can be  used by the delivery company. 

 Product exchange

1. Customers have right to exchange the product to a different color or model  within 10 working days from the day of collecting the product. 

2. The cost of shipping both ways is paid by the customer.

3. In case of shipping abroad the cost is calculated individually. 

4. The shop will not accept any parcels sent at the expense of the recipient or by  cash on delivery

 5.The exchange will be processed within 7 working days from the day of  receiving the parcel by the shop. 


1.The cost of shipping is paid by the customer. 

2.The cost of shipping to Poland  is added to he product price and is 15 PLN when using “Poczta Polska”(Polish  Post), or 20 PLN when using a courier. The maximum time of processing the order is 3 working days, from the moment of receiving the payment. 

3. Refabric accepts orders from the EU. Shipping is made by “Poczta Polska” (Polish Post), the cost of it is 16 EUR. The delivery time is up to 10 working days.

4. Refabric is processing orders to North and South America, Africa, Asia,  Australia and Oceania. The cost of shipping is 13.90 EUR. The delivery time is  up to 21 working days.

5. When sending to countries outside of the EU, there may be some other costs  added (for example duty). 

6. The parcels are delivered only on working days.

7. If at the moment of collecting the parcel the package is damaged or looks as  if opened by a third party, you should refuse to accept the parcel. At the same time you should fill in a document regarding the faulty package and contact the  shop about the situation. 

8. The shop is not responsible for any delays caused by “Poczta Polska”(Polish Post).


1.Customers of the internet shop Refabric agree to receive a receipt or invoice without a signature.

2. On customer demand we issue VAT invoices, the customer needs to inform  the shop if they wish to receive an invoice when making an order.

3. The customer is obliged to check if a receipt is sent together with the product 
4. We accept bank transfers as a method of payment. The customer needs to  make a payment within 7 days from making an order. In case of lack of  payment the order will be cancelled without notice.

Final arrangements

For any cases not regulated by these Terms and Conditions, Polish Civil Law Regulations will apply, the act of 2nd March 2000 about Consumer Rights and Responsibility for damaged caused by dangerous products (DZ.U.Z 2000,NR 22 poz 271).